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Real Estate Attorney in Fairbanks, AK

Attorney H. Van Z. Lawrence believes that every client, whether that's an Alaska citizen, business or large corporation, is deserving of expert legal representation that is fair and affordable. He has built a reputation as a reliable and successful real estate attorney who everyone in Fairbanks, Alaska can count on.

When you rely on Attorney Lawrence for your legal needs, you can rest easy knowing that he is up to date on the latest developments and changes in all forms of real estate law. He gives every client individual and personal attention tailored to the situation that they are in. Call for a consultation and let H. Van Z. Lawrence show you why he is the right choice for your legal needs.

Our Services Include:

Corporate & Business Law

  • Sets up corporations & LLCs
  • Handles business acquisitions

Real Estate Law

  • Handles and prepares purchase agreements and deeds
  • Handles foreclosures

Landlord & Tenant Law

  • Prepares residential and commercial leases
  • Handles evictions

Real Estate Law

Corporate & Business Law

Landlord & Tenant Law

Purchase Agreements

Condo Associations


Business Acquisitions

Establishing LLC's

Residential Leases

Commercial Leases & Evictions